First H3Africa Meeting – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – October 2012

Seventh Meeting of the H3Africa Consortium, Washington DC, USA – October 2015

Chair of the Senegal Organising Committee:
Rokhaya Ndiaye Diallo (PharmD, PhD)
Département de Pharmacie
UCAD, Sénégal

Number of participants (210)
Local (97)

International (113)

Nationalities (24)

Senegal – SA visit (June 2016)

Senegal Mali, South Africa, USA, UK, Canada, Congo, DR Congo, Benin, France, Zimbabwe, Emirates, Morocco, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Tunisia, Switzerland, Rwanda, Ghana, Egypt, Botswana

10 young researchers travel awards

2007 Meeting

General view at the NRC stairs

Social activity in the cruising ship [tanoura]

The ceremony for young researcher competition prizes

Drs Temtamy, Rotimi, Newport and Ashraf Hosni who got a prize for young researcher presentation

From Cairo 2007 to Cairo 2017

Closing Ceremony

Opening ceremony: Chancellor of University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar (Pr Ibrahima Thioub)

Closing ceremony: Director General of Research, Ministry of Higher Education and Research, (Pr Cheikh Becaye Gaye)