Conference Board

Conference Board

Conference Board

Prof. Michele Ramsay

Head of the African Society of Human Genetics

Prof. Samia Temtamy

Head of the National Society of Human Genetics, Egypt

Prof. Amal Mohamed

Head of the Conference Board

Prof. Ghada El-Kamah

Co-Head of the Conference Board

Prof. Amr Gouda
Prof. Eman Abulezz
Prof. Mona Aglan
Prof. Mona ElGammal
Prof. Samar Kassim
Prof. Scott Williams

Young Researchers' Conference Board

Dr. Ahmed El Ekiaby
Dr. Aly Abolnasr
Dr. Amr Morsy
Dr. Asia Asmet
Dr. Engy Ashaat
Dr. Ghada Otaify
Dr. Heba Abozid
Dr. Inas Sayed
Dr. Khaled Refaat
Dr. Mohmad Abdel Kader
Dr. Nehal Hassib
Dr. Nermeen Ahmed
Dr. Noura Eissa
Dr. Phoebe Magdi
Dr. Rana Mahrous
Dr. Riham Aly
Dr. Soha Nosier
Dr. Taghreed Shalabi
Dr. Walaa Nazim
Dr. Yasmin Khalil